Myfight Fitness began in 2019 as two personal trainers coaching bootcamp fitness workouts across Hertfordshire & Essex.

When the COVID Pandemic hit in early 2020, many of our PT & Bootcamp clients reached out to us wondering if we had any idea where they could purchase fitness equipment for home workouts. A quick look online indicated a massive shortage of fitness equipment on the market.

Consequently, we decided to have our own equipment manufactured from scratch, with an emphasis on high quality, durable products.

We have both been heavily involved in the fitness industry for many years and have seen many fads come and go. Our experience in the industry covers many areas – fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding, endurance training, HIIT, MMA, boxing, Thai boxing, strength and conditioning, functional fitness, and more. We use this experience to help us identify products that we believe in. We do not sell items just because they call themselves ‘fitness products’ – we only deal in quality.

We all have our own health & fitness related ‘fights’ . We are not here just to sell fitness products – we also want to help and support you with your fight, and customer service is at the forefront of our vision.